Burley Historical Society

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Burley House, headquarters of the Burley Historical Society in Burley, Idaho, USA

Burley Historical Society is a volunteer run archive of historical documents and artifacts from Burley, Idaho (USA). The Society was set up in 1981 by society chair Paul Morley. The group is a constituted society which holds yearly elections for Chair, Secretary and Treasurer. Paul Morley has been the Society's Chair since it was first constituted in 1981. The group is funded through donations.

The Burley Historical Society is most noteworthy for a collection of items relating to the George Albert Frederickson mass disappearance case from nearby Albion in 1959. Nine letters written by the disappeared, a series of photographs and a mission patch from LDD Research Group were bequeathed to Burley Historical Society on its inception after being discovered in an Idaho Police lock up.

The Burley Historical Society has been making efforts since 2012, to raise funds in order to purchase a ninth letter relating to the Frederickson mass disappearances. The letter, which is currently in the hands of a private collector in New York, is purported to have been written by George Albert Frederickson himself. Burley Historical Society wish to raise enough funds to be able to verify the letter's authenticity and, if it transpires that the object is genuine, to purchase it for their collection.